Wonder Hot Chilli

Maatrubhumi Wonder Hot Chilli

Wonder Hot Chilli

Wonder Hot Chilli - mostly used for its colour and pungency. Larger in shape, Thick skin and are popular for their exotic flavour. This chilli is one of the hottest varieties of chilli among other chilli grown in the region. These wonder hot chillies are mainly cultivated from Andhra Pradesh of India. It will be available as of other forms of chillies such as Powder & Coarse grounded flakes. We are one of the leading suppliers of wonder hot chilli variety in India. As we are located in the red chilli hub of India, we cater for our customers the best quality chillies at a very reasonable cost.

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General Character

Bright Red, Long sized & Mild pungency

ASTA colour value

70 - 100


5,000 - 8,000 SHU