Kaddi Baydigi (KDL)

Maatrubhumi Kaddi Baydigi

Kaddi Baydigi (KDL)

Fully Wrinkled chillies, long sized & dark red. Byadgi chilli variety is mostly used in south Indian cuisine and it has a nice aromatic flavour & low pungency level. Therefore, Its used as a chilli powder for Indian masala products & these chillies are popular amongst chilli powder grinders. Oleoresin is extracted from these byadgi red chillies, which is used for such as nail polish, Lipstick, etc,.and exported to Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates ( UAE ), Kenya, United Kingdom(U.K), Australia and United States of America (USA).

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General Character

100% Wrinkled, Highest dark red colour & Less pungency.

ASTA colour value



10,000 - 30,000 SHU